Zagreb, Hotel Dubrovnik, 9-10 June 2014

Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar (CBS) brings together guidance counsellors, policy makers, experts and other practitioners from different European countries to exchange their expertise and innovative guidance practices. It all started back in 2005 when Euroguidance centres from three neighbouring countries – Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia – decided to join forces and gather national experts to discuss current trends and important guidance-related topics. Over the past years, more and more national Euroguidance centres have recognised the importance of networking and exchanging practical tools and counselling methods, which is why the number of countries participating in the Cross Border Seminar has been growing ever since. This year CBS is about to gather around 70 guidance practitioners from altogether 11 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland and this year's newcomer to the seminar – Serbia. Based on peer-learning methods they will get a valuable opportunity to acquire Counselling Methods for Fighting Youth Unemployment – the focal topic of this two-day seminar. Through several sets of workshops, guidance practitioners will raise questions, exchange good practices and discuss innovative approaches to tackling the highly important issue of youth unemployment.

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About Euroguidance

Euroguidance is a network of national centres supporting career guidance systems in 34 European countries. In line with the attempts to promote European dimension in the field of counselling, Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar is one of the activities aimed at helping guidance counsellors to learn in the international context. This year’s CBS is organised by the National Euroguidance Centre in Croatia, established in 2011 within the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and Euroguidance Croatia are happy to welcome you in Zagreb for a two-day seminar full of fresh ideas!